RAWNY Honors our Veterans

A very special thank you to all of the stations who successfully made contact with W2PE on Saturday, November 7, 2015 during RAWNY’s special event honoring our Veterans. Activating both the USS Little Rock and USS The Sullivans, W2PE made well over 350 contacts on 40 through 17 meters during the eight-hour operating time.  A special QSL card to commemorated contacts made with W2PE is available by submitting a business-size SASE to N2HTL.  This may be the last time RAWNY and W2PE will be on the air for the 2015 operating season as the Buffalo Naval & Military Park will be shutting down for the year the week of November 23.  We look forward to making more contacts in the spring of 2016! Best 73s!

More information about the Buffalo Naval and Military Park can be found by visiting www.buffalonavalpark.org.



Jim – KA2IWK, Jim – KC2YIT, and Don – KD2FIL at the controls of W2PE and working the pile-up on board USS The Sullivans.


Aaron – N2HTL operating as W2PE on board USS The Sullivans. After 6 hours, it was getting pretty cold in the Radio Room.

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