Featured on the RAWNY Information Net : August 2017

As part of a supplement to the RAWNY Information Net, (which can be heard each Monday evening at 7:00 pm EST (0000 UTC) on the WA2HKS repeater at 444.000, the W2EUP repeaters at 146.910, and 224.820, and the AB2UK repeater at 29.680 in the Western New York area) any specifically mentioned videos, website links, documents, or other items discussed on the net will be featured here.

The following items were discussed on the RAWNY Information Net for the month of August 2017.

ARRL RTTY Rookie Roundup – Sunday, August 20, 2017
1800 UTC through 2359 UTC

The Rookie Roundup encourages newly-licensed operators (“Rookies”) in North America (including territories and possessions) to operate on the HF bands and experience competitive Amateur Radio operating. Experienced operators (“Non-Rookies”) are strongly encouraged to participate and help new operators – either on the air or in person.

To qualify as a “rookie”, you must have obtained your first licence in 2017, 2016 or 2015. You send the year you were first licensed in the exchange. As a Rookie, you will attempt to make as many contacts as possible during this 6-hour event. Rookies work everyone – and non-Rookies work only Rookies.

Operate on 80, 40, 20, 15 and the 10 meter bands. NO 60, 30, 17, or 12 meter operation is allowed.

Visit www.arrl.org/rookie-roundup for more information.

A great piece of software to use for the RTTY Rookie Roundup is MMTTY. You can download a copy of it by visiting http://hamsoft.ca/pages/mmtty.php.

Image courtesy of http://www.radioblvd.com/rtty_teletype.htm.


The International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend begins on August 19 and runs through the 20th.
00001 UTC on August 19 to 2400 UTC August 20, 2017 (48 hour operation period)

The ILLW takes place on the 3rd full weekend in August each year and attracts over 500 lighthouse entries located in over 40 countries. It is one of the most popular international amateur radio events in existence probably because there are very few rules and it is not the usual contest type event. It is also free and there are no prizes for contacting large numbers of other stations. There is little doubt that the month of August has become “Lighthouse Month” due largely to the popularity and growth of the ILLW.

More info at illw.net