Featured on the RAWNY Information Net – March 2017

As part of a supplement to the RAWNY Information Net, (which can be heard each Monday evening at 7:00 pm EST (0000 UTC) on the WA2HKS repeater at 444.000, the W2EUP repeaters at 146.910, and 224.820, and the AB2UK repeater at 29.680 in the Western New York area) any specifically mentioned videos, website links, documents, or other items discussed on the net will be featured here.

The following items were discussed on the RAWNY Information Net for the month of March, 2017.

March 27, 2017

ARRL Rookie Roundup – Sunday April 16, 2017 using SSB

  • Mission: To encourage newly-licensed operators (“Rookies”) in North America (including territories and possessions) to operate on the HF bands and experience competitive Amateur Radio operating. Experienced operators (“Non-Rookies”) are strongly encouraged to participate and help new operators – either on the air or in person.
  • ou can be a “Rookie” if you were first licensed in 2017, 2016 or 2015 – send the year you were first licensed in the exchange… which is the call sign of the station you’re calling, your call sign, your name, the year you were licensed, and your state.
  • Rookies will attempt to make as many contacts as possible during this 6-hour event. Rookies work everyone – and non-Rookies work only Rookies.
  • This is a great way to try out contesting in an event designed for newcomers.
  • www.arrl.org/rookie-roundup for more information

03/29/2017 | Vietnam Veteran’s Day Special Event from USS Kidd

  • Mar 29, 1430Z-2030Z, W5KID, Baton Rouge, LA. Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club. 14.270 14.230 7.280 7.230. QSL. USS KIDD Amateur Radio Club, 305 S. River Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Aboard the USS KIDD from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 as a Salute to all Viet Nam Vets. Thank You for your Service.
  • www.brac.org for more information

04/11/2017 | New York State Police 100 year anniversary

  • Apr 11, 1200Z-2100Z, NY2SP/100, Albany, NY. Churchville (NY) Contest Club. 21.250 14.250 7.120. Certificate. Churchville Contest Club, 30 Baker St. , Apt 4, Churchville, NY 14428. The New York State Police was formed on April 11, 1917. This station celebrates 100 years of service to the people of New York State.
  • www.qrz.com/db/ny2sp for more information

Maritime Radio Day 2017

  • April 14, with activity — all on CW — centering on International Naval Frequencies, 1,824; 3,520; 7,020; 10,118; 14,052; 21,052, and 28,052 kHz. Maritime Radio Day is held annually to commemorate nearly 100 years of CW maritime wireless service.
  • The event gets under way at 1200 UTC on April 14 and concludes at 2200 UTC on April 15. Participants exchange QSA (signal strength, 1-5), QRK (readability, 1-5), name, call sign of last or favorite ship/aircraft/maintenance company and “additionally a tr, msg and/or a QTC, if you like.” SWLs are welcome to take part. A newly designed certificate of participation will be available.
  • www.trafficlist.net/mrd/ to register and for more information

04/22/2017 | International Marconi Day

  • Apr 22, 0000Z-2359Z, KM1CC, Wellfleet, MA. Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club.
  • 18.080 14.260 14.035 7.035 . QSL. KM1CC, Cape Cod National Seashore, 99 Marconi Site Rd., Wellfleet, MA 02667.
  • Other historic Marconi Stations will also be on the air.
  • www.facebook.com/KM1CC for more information

UK Museum Wants to Hear from Those Who Remember Sputnik Launch
As part of an effort to tell the story of the International Geophysical Year (IGY) 60 years ago, a Cambridge, England, museum wants to hear from anyone who remembers the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957. Many radio amateurs and shortwave listeners (SWLs) of the era were among those thrilled to receive the satellite’s 20 MHz beacon.
The Scott Polar Research Institute Polar Museum at Cambridge University will mark the IGY anniversary later this year. The IGY was a global effort to better map and understand the planet, and it put heavy emphasis on Antarctica as well as studies of space and the atmosphere. The Polar Museum exhibition recount the story of Sputnik, the establishment of scientific bases in Antarctica, and the individuals involved in the IGY.
“Although largely forgotten now, the International Geophysical Year involved many thousands of people from all of the world and from all walks of life,” said Museum Curator Charlotte Connelly. “We’d like to capture some of those experiences in our exhibition and show the phenomenal reach of this important moment for global science.”
Contact Connelly via e-mail, if you were among those monitoring and/or spotting Earth’s first artificial satellite. The exhibit, “The Year that Made Antarctica: People, Politics, and the International Geophysical Year,” opens on April 26.

March 6, 2017

The New London School Explosion 80th Anniversary Special Event
While we normally concentrate on Amateur Radio-related items discussed during the RAWNY Information Net, there are many special events that commemorate historical happenings that are often forgetton. The New London School Explosion of 1937 is one such event. The New London School in New London, Texas, exploded on March 18, 1937, when a spark ignited a pocket of odorless natural gas that had leaked into the school’s basement. The disaster killed more than 295 students and teachers, making it the deadliest school disaster in American history. To prevent future disasters, the Texas Legislature quickly mandated that a chemical be added to natural gas providing a strong odor that is now instantly and universally recognized.
More information regarding the special event can be found at: RuskCountyARC.com/N5L

Video documentary of the New London School Explosion

Morse Runner CW Contest Simulator
If you’re interested in improving your CW skills without actually going on the air and freezing up because of being nervous, Morse Runner is an excellent software program that can greatly improve your code skills. Morse Runner is a CW contest simulator that is pretty much spot on with providing “real world” experiences with multiple conditions and styles you’re libel to come across when actually operating CW on the air. The program gives you the option to select your TX speed, band condition annoyances, QRM issues, and LIDs. The simulator can generate CW in a variety of styles and speeds, and is sent using your keyboard. Answers to your CQs are sent in speeds relative to your sending speed so there’s less of a chance for you to get lost. Give Morse Runner a try and discover CW!
Download Morse Runner

Icom D-Star Forum

Feel like there are too many digital formats in Amateur Radio? Let us help you get a clear view on the latest changes on the Digital mode developed, specifically with the amateur radio enthusiasts in mind! Please join the team from D-STAR Info and others in the D-STAR world for D-STAR LIVE, an event broadcasting live from George Gwinnett College! The D-STAR panel of experts will be discussing various aspects of the D-STAR System, including the latest gateway update from Icom, programing your radio, as well as different devices to get you more involved in the D-STAR world and more!

Saturday, March 11th, 2017
12:00 PM- 4:00 PM EST
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM PST

 Plan on Attending? Let us know if you will be streaming or attending the event in-person. RSVP today!

Have a question for the D-STAR panel? Submit your question by Wednesday, March 8th. The panel will be answering questions live.