Next General Meeting – October 10, 2017: Ham Radio and Technology Fair

Amateur (Ham) Radio touches many aspects of science and technology. Whether talking to an astronaut on the International Space Station or a friend in the next county by using a microphone, Morse code, or digital data, children and adults find it fascinating to be able to communicate without a cell phone or Social Media.

The Radio Association of Western New York’s annual Ham Radio and Technology Fair is an outstanding introduction to Amateur Radio and is open to all who are interested in radio communications and the science that enhances it. Live demonstrations will include these specialties and more:

  • Worldwide Radio Communications using Voice, Morse code, Digital Technologies, and Satellites
  • Software-Defined Radios, Shortwave, and Utility Monitoring (public services)
  • Kit Building, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi applications
  • Radio Sport, “Pokemon Go” and Transmitter Finding, and the sport of GeoCaching
  • Radio Technologies in the aid of Search and Rescue Operations

Many of the demonstrations will be “hands on” so visitors can take part in the radio activities.

Groups and families are welcome as we strive to introduce Amateur Radio to a younger audience.

For more information contact: Kevin at 693-3917 days, or

Our meetings are held at the Church of the Nativity, 1530 Colvin Blvd. in Tonawanda, NY.

Please plan on attending the Ham Radio & Technology Fair on Tuesday, October 10 at 7:00 pm. Coffee and donuts are always available.